Jogging the Runway – Four Fall Style Ideas To Rock The Jog!

Typically, October is a month full of championship level horse trials, bringing in high caliber eventing horses and riders from across the US and abroad. And while nothing can exceed the excitement of watching these incredible athletes tackle the cross-country course, there’s another phase of competition that has been gaining wild popularity over the last few years – The Jog. And I for one… Love it!

The Jog is as close to New York Fashion Week most of us are ever gonna get, and best yet, an actual opportunity to get a photo of our horse looking fabulous and US TOO! Now I know unfortunately thanks to a worldwide pandemic… no one gets to jog over at FairHill this year, but there are some events still in play this month you’ll get the opportunity to ‘strut your stuff’ at. So if human fashion really isn’t your jam or if finding something to wear is the last thing you have time for I’ve totally got ya covered!

The Audrey

She became a style icon for a reason and this look is as classic as jeans and a white shirt! Simple and easy to create, most of you will have everything you need in your closet already black ankle crop pants + black sweater + loafers or ballet flats = ready to roll. Be prepared for some rain or falling temps by adding a trench-style coat, my recommendation here would be one that hits just at your knees or shorter. Add in some of your own flare by pairing it with a colorful scarf and some bright shoes to match.

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OWN IT – The secret to owning this look, iconic red lips! Don’t be scared ladies, the perfect red lip is easier than some might think and personally there’s nothing that makes you feel more confident and ready to win at life itself than dawning some killer red lips. My two favorites are Nars ‘Jungle Red’ lipstick and Too Faced Melted Matte ‘Lady Balls’. Here’s a link to give you the power

The Peacock

Enjoy flaunting your tail feathers, mixing prints and showing the world your true colors??? Then you can totally rock this colorful look! Creating this one of a kind ensemble may require a bit more time and perhaps, shopping… but I have a feeling your totally up for the challenge. The key to pulling this look together without becoming overwhelmed is to start with the one piece you must have – the killer coat or plaid pants or the statement shoes – then build in the rest from there!

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OWN IT – The only thing required to owning this look is your own attitude and confidence to flaunt it! Don’t be afraid to mix colors and prints you’ve long heard are fashion “No No’s”. Your only limit here, is your own imagination so have fun!

The Bohemian

If your preferred style looks like you just left a music festival (ah the days when we were still allowed to go to concerts…) than show your free spirit alongside your majestic steed instead of the concert scene this year! The Boho look has definitely become a classic over the years, with each season offering some new elements. When creating a Fall Boho look make sure and use some different fabrics to get that vintage feel, I love using velvet and corduroy with some floral prints to create this look. And something lace is always a must!

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OWN IT – You gotta rock some braids with this look ladies! I understand to most they seem intimidating, but if you can braid your horses mane, you can braid yours too! Check out YouTube for thousands of video tutorials on how to braid your hair:

The Brit

Aside from your riding clothes, the elements of this style probably make up the entirety of the rest of your closet as an equestrian! So needless to say, The Brit may be the easiest look for you to recreate. Tweed, wool, plaid, houndstooth – you know what you’re doing with this one – here’s how to give it a punch from your normal routine: add a BRIGHT color to the mix. I really like adding a pop of yellow or orange to my plaids, especially in the fall. Another way to add some of your own character to this look is with some funky tights – I love polka dot tights for this!

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OWN IT – Wanna take your British Countryside look to the next level?? You gotta get some feathers on that head! Now don’t go full on Indian headdress here, but definitely add a clip or feather headband to set this look in flight! Check out ETSY for any and all feather accessories your heart can desire:

Now are we ready to rock, I mean JOG, this runway or what??!!

Oh and for all the dudes out there – I didn’t purposely leave ya out, but I figured you didn’t really want any style advice from a chic that wasn’t your, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, or MOM… so as soon As Daniel Craig responds to my countless e-mails (I promise I’m not stalking) regarding contributing some guy’s style advice, you’ll totally be the first to know!!

Till next time, chins up!

                  ~ Ash